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The Playing With Heart Foundation’s mission is identify gifted youth athletes and help remove the financial barriers that often prevent them from playing year-round competitive sports at the highest level they are capable. We will do this by partnering with various sports organizations that can provide them with the proper training in their sport, as well as by soliciting the additional financial support of businesses and individuals who share our vision.

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Donate to help offset the high cost of competitive year-round sports. Our general fund enables us to build and maintain sports training facilities where our scholarship athletes receive instruction from professional and ex-professional athletes who volunteer their time.

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PWHF Donors and Donating Sponsors are large corporations, small

business, and private individuals who believe in the mission of the

PWHF and are willing to support it. .

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A Donor is typically, but not always a private individual who supports PWHF at a pre-determined level by making one-time tax deductible donations.


In the United States, a disturbing trend is emerging in many youth sports: access to professional development environments for youth athletics is becoming a significant financial challenge for many families. As a result, the demographic of players is increasingly shifting to families of means. Gifted youth athletes are not always able to afford the professional development club fees, and as a result, are left with recreational and municipal sports as their only path to further develop their skills. The net result is a pool of well-trained athletes who are on track to receive college scholarships and build international athletic careers, but which represent only a fraction of the United States’ population and increasingly dominated by families with the highest household incomes.

who is a Sponsor

A Donating Sponsor is typically, but not always a corporation who supports PWHF at a pre-determined level and commits to do so annually in return for sponsorship benefits.




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